Darktail is a canine Gemling and the main antagonist of Rainbowtail. He has red eyes and black fur. A tuft of fur on his head is white and his chest and tail-tip is grey.

He teaches you how to match gems in the first levels, and then tricks you to free him from the Cell in the level 1-4 Breaking Out!. He appears again in the level 8-1 Two Rooms.

He is often called Most Notorious One.

Theories Edit

A user of official Rainbowtail forum suggested a theory about could Darktail become good and Sketchi, a staff of Minidragon willed not response on that theory.


  • According to the quiz Which Rainbowtail character are you? created & shared by the official Rainbowtail Facebook page, he is one of 5 possible results with given reason: "You're Darktail! You don't mind breaking a few rules (or all of them) on the way to getting something you want. You don't have friends, you have minions. Nobody can truly understand you."
  • Before unspecified date of legacy version, the level the player let him free was 1-3 Breaking Out!.
  • Darktail got his evilified transformation since the legacy version 2.8.3.


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