Gemling Box (1.0.5)

Every player have 5 grass patches at start.

The Gemling Box is the icon with three of the beans' second evolutions: Firekin, Electrokin, and Waterkin on a circular patch of green grass, where the Gemlings not in Team are located in; either through obtaining Eggs by defeating Enemies, King Bean/Robbean Hood draws, buying for Gembeans in Shop or removing from the Team.

In Gemling Box, the player can sort Gemlings by tapping the [NEW] button beside the "Gemling Box" letters. Note that the options aside from the NEW will return the list of Gemlings in random, but consistent order by that:

  • NEW: by recent acquirement date of Gemlings. Note that a Gemling removed from Team will be placed in the first place instead of where it originally was placed on before.
  • DEX: By Dex order.
  • COLOR: By the primary types of Gemlings.
  • LEVEL: By the level of Gemlings.
  • RARITY: By the rarity of Gemlings.

In fact, the NEW order is the default setting. Thus, revisiting the Gemling Box will result in automatically set to it, regardless of whether the player chose one of other options before revisiting.

The grass patches (or Slots) can be added by spending 1 Rainbow Gem per 5 patches.

When the Gemling Box is full or beyond the limit, the player cannot enter any zone unless remove Gemlings off by feeding, releasing, or using them as evolution materials to reduce numbers under the limit.

The currently known max limit of Gemling Box is 500 since both legacy version 2.8.5 and the live version


  • In legacy version, the initial amount of the grass patches was 10.


Legacy VersionEdit