Gems are the movable objects found in gameboard of Rainbowtail (Game).


Gems since the version 2.8.3

The gems appear in game.

As the Rainbowtail (Game) is based on/inspired by the match-3 puzzle game Bejeweled, the gems are typical objects that can be matched in 3 or more and have the most important role rules a whole gameboard.

Each time matching gems properly requires 1 Move and can deal 1 damage to adjacent obstacles, Enemies or Brick Golem. Gems also can clean Dark Sludges by matching gems inside.

If they are matched in a special form, it will result in summon a Gemling. See this for more information.

After the player cleared a level, the Gemlings will gain gems(exps) to leveling itself up until hit to max. level(5), the amount of the gems can be increased by how many gems cleaned in that game. For example, a Grass Gemling will gain 50 gems if the player cleaned 50 green gems in total.


  • The visual design of all 6 gems were changed after the legacy version 2.1.
  • After the legacy version 2.8.3, the gems have been tweaked their hue and gained the bold outline, from the second gem designs. The shadow beneath them also has been changed into three-dimensional bottom round shadow from two-dimensional drop shadow.
  • The markings on 6 each platforms of the Team and the gems in the Randomizing/Re-shuffling image use the first gem designs, inspite that these no longer be used in gameboard after the legacy version 2.1, including both legacy version 2.8.5 and live version.
  • In legacy version, the Brick Golem had received 5 damages per hit, instead of 1 damage.


Live version
Fire Gem Earth Gem Lightning Gem
Grass Gem Water Gem Magic Gem
launch -
Legacy version
Red Gem Orange Gem Yellow Gem Firegem Earthgem Lightgem
Green Gem Blue Gem Purple Gem Grassgem Watergem Magicgem
launch - 2.0.1 2.1 - 2.8.2
Fire Gem Earth Gem Lightning Gem
Grass Gem Water Gem Magic Gem
2.8.3 -