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Rainbowtail is a white canine Gemling and one of the main character. Rainbowtail has multiple tails, that is made up of rainbow colors. He has blue eyes and a light grey stomach.

Rainbowtail is the character on the logo. He is a main protagonist and teaches you to play the game after the antagonist, Darktail, tricks you.

Trivia Edit

  • Rainbowtail might have been motivated by the nine-tailed fox due to being a fox-like creature, and having multiple tails.
  • He may be the voice of which the player heard the quotes, "Nice!" "Cool!" "Amazing!" "Incredible!" "Epic!" "Legendary!" "Almighty Gem Mover!" and, "Rainbow Rush!"
  • Rainbowtail seems to have tangled with Darktail before. This is suggested when he, without hesitation, decides to help the protagonist.
  • According to the quiz Which Rainbowtail character are you? created & shared by the official Rainbowtail Facebook page, he is one of 5 possible results with given reason: "You're Rainbowtail! People listen to you, because you make sense. People follow you, because you're a good leader. People like you, because you're awesome! You don't always know the right thing to do, but you always try your best."